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Our Doctors

Hal Skinner M.D. - Lexington Heart Specialists

Hal Skinner M.D.

Dr. Hal Skinner is a board-certified cardiologist with additional qualifications in Interventional Cardiology and over 15 years of experience practicing in Central and Eastern Kentucky. Dr. Skinner founded Lexington Heart Specialists in 2003 and the practice continues to be physician owned. Previously, Dr. Skinner practiced at Kentucky Cardiovascular Group and Cardiology Associates of Paducah.

Michael Rukavina M.D. - Lexington Heart Specialists

Michael Rukavina M.D.

Dr. Michael Rukavina has practiced Cardiology in Lexington for more than 25 years.  He is board-certified in Interventional Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diseases. Previously, Dr. Rukavina practiced at Lexington Cardiology Consultants, Baptist Health Lexington Cardiology, and Kentucky Cardiovascular Group.

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